On Writing STRESS MANAGEMENT in a no-side effect way!

Using of plant extracts including essential oils for the different psychological and physical welfare. It can stimulate, calm, uplift, and balance human body’s physical and psychological state. It triggers our olfactory sense organs which are connected to the brain generate feel good hormones, called endorphins.


Essential oils include all form of natural, volatile, aromatic plant oils. For aromatherapy you can get almost 90 essential oils including absolutes, CO2, hydrosols which are commonly used in aromatherapy. Besides these some harmonizing oils such as jojoba oil, grape seed oil, apricot oil, cocoa butter, and olive oil also are used for aromatherapy.


There are so many positive sides in inhalation of aromatic oils for human health benefit. Inhalation of essential oils through lungs has curative benefits .The aroma of natural herb oils stimulates brain cells and relaxes the body magnificently. For high stressed condition you can take help to lighten up your body. Stress is the central source of different physical and emotional discomfort. Insomnia, head ache digestive disorder all are connected to elevated stress level. Skin absorbs the essential oils in to the skin which will give much better benefit on human health. Increasing stress level can elevate high blood pressure and heart disease. The cumulative effects of all these create serious implications on individual’s body.


So, if get an opportunity get an aromatherapy message you should grab that chance! In these stressful lifestyle, where we couldn’t ignore our work stress as well as family problems we need to relax ourselves as much as we can to get  work & family life balance. Aromatherapy can be useful to get relief from anxiety and stress. Some selected natural plant extracts and essential oil message make you feel relaxed! Isn’t it exciting? Chamomile, Clary sage, jasmine, sandalwood, orange, lavender, geranium are having enormous relaxing and calming property. The application of essential oil mix with base oil on the different parts of the body energizes our body sufficiently at the level of central nervous system as well as respiratory system. The aroma when inhale through the lung it cleanse out respiratory system. So, all type of congestion goes off. Eucalyptus oil is the best example for that. Aromatherapy message can improve your tolerance power, sleep also. It has the therapeutic remedies for lowering heart rate, blood pressure and return of hormonal balance.


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