What is new in latest Apple’s iPhone ?

 It is really a professional concept if the “finger print scanner” application is going to install in the latest Apple iPhone 5S. It is still in rumor but if it replaces the home button it would be the new technology,there is no doubt about it..The 3D technology we have seen in different smart phone design and patent most probably iPhone 5S is following that concept.The release date is still not confirmed. Probably next year we can get this!If there is any apple patent which could be utilize in making the new iPhone 5S. The name of the latest Apple iPhone is also vague. But from some reliable sources we get to know that Apple iPhone’s upgraded version should be 5S  .

Bendy Battery for iPhone 5S:
From a US patent & trademark office website source we got the information that The battery cell is composed of three layer, a cathode with active coating, a separator and an anode also with an active coating on it.The battery cell layers are covered with separate flexible pouch. The layers may be wound to create jelly roll before sealing the layers within the pouch.For the creation of this wound on the layer  they may be use a pressure of approximately 0.13 Kilogram-force per square millimeter with the help of some curved plates in a temperature of 85 degree.We are showing some drawing of possible battery cells received from battery patent which can be used by Apple phone for their latest upgrade.From these pictures it is not clear that which battery technology they take. But considering the fact that it is Apple’s one of the best selling product they might be taken one of these bendy battery technology.

Based on Leaked News from different Sources
The timing of market launch is still in confusion. Because some resources are claiming that it will launch in June-July 2013.According to Japanese telecommunication Company KDDI is spreading rumor that pre-order of iPhone 5S will begin from 20th June.This information is matched with the WWDC’s announcement regarding release date of iPhone 5S. But this news contradict the Apple’s CEO Tim Cooks hints.He gave indication to the investors and press that the latest iPhone 5S & 6 will be coming in to the market on end of this year.

Specifications of iPhone 5S/6:
As per the rumor spreading throughout the World the latest iPhone 5S/6 should have retina or IGZO display,

A7 quad core chip processor, iOS7, 128 GB internal memory ,13 MP camera, and better battery life.People are expecting NFC support which was not present in iPhone 5.
But after so many confusions and rumors one thing is clear that if some features from these  rumors become true we could see a more inventively designed  product by Apple within 2014.


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